Our Commitment to Recycling


Founder & CEO, Aaron Westbrook began researching in 2017 how to make our process of fabricating prosthetics sustainable and affordable to produce as a growing non-profit. We are excited to introduce a new way to support our mission by collecting and donating your plastic waste to Form5. Plastic waste collected is run through our propriety recycling process developed over the last two years. This plastic is shredded, extruded, and then used to 3-D print our prosthetic devices. Form5 is on track of reaching our goal of being a zero-waste organization by the year 2020.


Are you located in Columbus, Ohio? Want to support Form5’s mission by donating your plastics?

In 2019 we established the "Form5 Prosthetics | Plastics Collection Group" on Facebook to better monitor our plastic intake. The purpose of this group is to inform plastic donors of collection guidelines, drop-off locations, and plastic drive dates. As a small (but mighty) non-profit we are currently in no capacity to accept plastic donations out of state. Members must be residents of Central Ohio. If you have specific questions regarding our plastic collection or our recycling efforts please fill out the form on our Contact page here.


#5 (PP) - Polypropylene Plastic

*All plastics donated to Form5 must be cleaned and all labels and packaging removed*

Examples of #5 Plastics: Starbucks Cups/Lids, Fast Food Cups, Prescription Bottles, Take-out Food Containers, Peanut Butter Jar Lids, Tupperware.


To be added into the group please follow these steps:

1. review This Page!

2. Email info@form5prostheticsinc.org with the Subject line: "Plastics Collection Group!". In the message please include your name, zip-code, and your name as listed on your Facebook.

3. Please like our Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram for more updates :)

4. Click below enter the ‘Form5 Prosthetics | plastics Collection Group!’