ABC6 | 13 year old Jillian Ripley now has a new prosthetic leg | Form5 Prosthetics & Owens Corning

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10TV | High School senior finds way to build customized prosthetic limbs | Form5 Prosthetics

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‘Forming 5’ | (Highlight)

"Forming 5" is a three-phase project that was conducted by Form5 Prosthetics founder, Aaron Westbrook for his senior project. This video highlights the process of making a 7-year old girl her 3-D printed prosthetic arm!

Change: It’s Not Out of our hands | aaron westbrook | tedX NEW ALBANY

Aaron tells his story of persevering through the disappointment of the current prosthetic system and how that led to his flourish in 3D printing assistive devices for those like himself.