CO-FAB by Form5 Prosthetics is a workshop that will connect individuals with limb-loss to designers, engineers, and change-makers alike to cultivate a new and more interactive perspective on prosthetics.  This four-day event (November 8th-11th, 2019) will bring together recipients and volunteer college engineering students to utilize 3-D printing as a means of connecting, creating, and fabricating life-changing devices.

The vision that our founder, Aaron Westbrook, has for this event is "to allow those with limb-loss to be not only a part of the conversation of prosthetics but to have a leading role in the creation of their device, start to finish.”

Here’s how you can do your part in leading the change:



The opportunity to design your own prosthetic & turn ideas into devices! The 5 individuals with limb-loss chosen will be paired with engineers to fabricate their devices in a four-day workshop. Have an idea & want to apply?



We’re looking for students from local universities in the field of mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and others that are interested in prosthetics. Learn more about qualifications and how to apply here.

Applications are now closed.