Introducing ‘CO-FAB x Form5 Prosthetics’

Something FAB is coming this Fall!

CO-FAB by Form5 Prosthetics is a workshop that will support and cultivate an environment to connect, create, and fabricate assistive devices designed by, and for, those with limb differences.

CO-FAB will connect individuals with upper-extremity limb differences to designers, engineers, and change-makers alike to take back and lead the change in prosthetics. The name CO-FAB encompasses all this workshop is centered upon collaboration and fabrication. This revolutionary workshop will allow recipients to be completely interactive in the creation of their own 3-D printed prostheses.

During this four-day workshop (November 8th-11th, 2019), the five chosen individuals with limb differences and a selective group of volunteers, college engineering & design students, will work together with the power of 3-D printing to connect, create, and fabricate life-changing prosthetic devices.

On July 17th, Form5 will launch applications for both prosthetic recipients and college engineering students from local universities looking for experience in respective fields such as mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and industrial design. The application will close on August 7th and those chosen to take part in the inaugural CO-FAB workshop will be announced. Two meetings will occur prior to the November workshop: one with the recipients to finalize their ideas and cast molds of their residual limbs, and another with the volunteers to give them information on their recipient. In addition, sponsoring companies will be providing professional engineers to work alongside the college students to help facilitate design and prototyping in order to ensure the exact product is delivered. Sponsors to be announced in an upcoming blog post.

With the help of the next generation of engineers, and the kindly donated funds, technology, and personnel from our sponsors, CO-FAB will provide those with limb differences the opportunity to develop their own ideas for their own prosthetics. Through this empowering workshop participants will also learn design and advocacy skills, as well as the power of technology!

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