Pausing ALL Plastic Collection

Good-evening Form5 supporters,

I just want to start by saying thank you. Thank you for uniquely supporting our mission through your participation in our #5 drives. When we kicked off our plastic collection last year, I had just a co-worker, her mom, their families, my family, extended family, and a few close friends collecting for Form5. In just a year, our "Form5 Recyclers" have grown in numbers and so has our plastic intake. At our August drive, we met friends from all over - not just Columbus, but Ohio (some even collected out of state)! It was truly humbling to see in just 4 hours how much support we have. We are very proud of the awareness we have raised around recycling on a local level and how we can all help close the loop!

After an outstanding turnout at our last drive, we have had to revaluate our plastic collection. We have completely stuffed our offices with plastics! We have decided to pause ALL plastic collection until further notice. With that being said, our #5 Drive scheduled for November 16th is canceled. As we prepare for our inaugural CO-FAB workshop this fall, it's time for us to turn our focus from collecting to recycling (research) and most importantly providing prosthetics :)

If you missed our August drive or have started collecting for our next one, we ask that you support other recycling initiatives in the community. #5 plastics can be donated to Whole Foods Market through their partnership with Preserve Gimme 5 and additional resources can be found on our website too.

I am inspired, blessed, and incredibly proud of what we have created together through Form5. I want nothing more than to take those plastics, form them into devices, and empower those with limb loss.

Work hard, help others, and never give up,

- Aaron Westbrook, CEO

Form5 Prosthetics