Form5 @ NA Farmers Market!


We are ecstatic to share that Form5 will be at The New Albany Farmers Market this summer on August 16th from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Swing by our tent to learn more about the life-changing prosthetics we provide and how we’re recycling ‘single-use’ plastics into 3D Printer Filament (material).

In addition to us being at the market this year, we are also announcing our first ever community Plastic Drive! The purpose of this drive is to not only raise awareness about Form5’s recycling services but as a community to commit to recycling!

Plastic Drive Guidelines:

  1. Identify the plastic code of the item (usually on the bottom) – this code identifies which plastic resin the item is made of.                                                                             

  2. For this particular Plastic Drive, Form5 is collecting ONLY #5 (PP) Plastic.            Ex. Food containers, Starbucks cups, yogurt, cottage cheese, medicine bottles, lids and other plastic containers.

  3. If possible please remove packaging and labels.

  4. Please rinse and clean all plastics items.

  5. Drop your plastics off to us on Aug. 16!

Through Form5’s closed-loop recycling we are able to source plastic material to fabricate our advanced 3-D printed prosthetics. With your support, we hope to continue spreading our mission in the community and to continue providing eco-friendly prosthetics.

Spread the Word!

For questions regarding this plastic drive or our organization, E-mail: