Focuses on form

I expressed in the past few blog posts that going forward I had intended for things to settle in the fall, but I find myself overly excited for the new manifestations in Form5. Although I have been incredibly persistent to reach new heights and keep momentum, I am now at new paths of opportunity and am in awe of what is possible. The uncertainty is exhilarating more than fearful which I find peculiar. For the first time, I am seeing what is to be real change in Form5 at its foundation, aligning itself each and every step of the way!

With the process of becoming a Non-profit almost finalized Form5 will be undergoing some very exciting improvements! This solidifying our mission and how we intend to serve those with limb differences going forward. With an established board, I look forward to updating everyone on the new faces in Form5 and how they plan to shape and form our new direction. Its key to this momentum and excitement to stay focused and to follow what you feel.

We have some exciting news not only as we begin the initial stages of our newest project, but as new equipment rolls into the lab this month. Currently printing a test arm for a first grader named Andrew, who we will be fit with serval devices including a task-specific arm designed by Form5 Prosthetics Inc. over the next few months. Once everything is finalized we will be able to spread our work, connecting with more, and expanding upon our mission. During the new year, we hope to launch new services and open the door for many avenues of getting involved on the goal at hand…

Fast Company Article | October 2017

After widely-seen features on Form5 circulate the inter-webs I have been flooded with kind messages, emails, inquiries, supporters, and even potential donors. As swiftly as I can I am working towards responding back to everyone who took the time to reach out to Form5. I am so grateful to everyone who has put me where I am and continue to support my passion, my vision, and my journey. I am also busy making all future things possible and am thrilled with the feedback and the helping hands so far, and when I am closer to share more exciting news, I will.

All in great timing,

Aaron Westbrook, CEO & Founder of Form5 Prosthetics Inc.


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