Form5 Presentations

When school started last month I anticipated scheduling many Form5 Presentations…

Several Elementary school teachers reached out and invited me into their classrooms to share my journey and work with their students! I traveled to different school districts including my old elementary school.  I got to meet some curious and passionate Elementary students all over central Ohio who are now educated on prosthetics and how recycling can make a difference. Along the way, I was introduced and visited with some fantastic educators…


It has been super exciting sharing my work with these students and inspiring them to solve a problem they see in front of them. Anything is possible! In addition to the 3 presentations I had at New Albany Schools, I was also thrilled to branch out and speak to classes in Gahanna and Westerville school districts!

What the students enjoy most is being able to see the different devices and learning how each one works. At the end of each presentation, I leave as much time allotted to answer their very curious questions! I mainly spoke to elementary students, but have future arrangements to speak to many audiences! I look forward to continuing growing and sharing Form5’snarrative!

A common theme amongst each presentation is how students can get involved in Form5

Students also love to see the process and research I have been pioneering with recycling plastics and 3D printing. As I went back to speak to teachers I have visited before, many asked about my agenda for cup collection this year. It wasn’t something I have been too focused on but is something I hope grows into a large part of what sustains Form5. Several teachers have asked about Form5 boxes and how they can incorporate collecting plastics into their classrooms.

Now that we are a non-profit organization, “Form5 Prosthetics Inc.” and we are well along the way with that process I hope soon to announce more information how everyone can get involved in Form5’s mission!

 Big things ahead,

Aaron Westbrook, CEO & Founder of Form5 Prosthetics Inc.


Form5 Prosthetics