Say Cello to Tate


As summer wrapped up and school began, I was in contact with Patti, the creator of the Nub Club of Central Ohio. I met Patti and her family through my 8th Grade History teacher whose kids also go to school in the same area. After meeting Patti 4 years ago, I was, for the first time connected to a community of people like myself! Thus launching what Form5 was previously called, “Alive With Five”.

Patti reached out to me last month regarding how her son, Tate has the option to take orchestra in 5th Grade at Wilson Hill Elementary School. Tate is already musically inclined with playing guitar and piano for over two years. Tate recently decided to quit piano and try orchestra this year, leading him to try playing the Cello!

I have seen e-Nable work done with musical instruments before and was fortunate to find open-source files on Thingiverse (Link) to make Tate his very own Cello Prosthetic device for Orchestra.

After making two test hands and figuring out how the bow fits into the device, I knew this project would be overall quite simple. I did have to make some slight modifications to provide stability to the device and ensure it fit Tate’s residual limb comfortably. Tate requested the device be printed in black filament and I saw this as a perfect opportunity to dial in my new 3D printer; completing the entire project.

Tate’s mom, Patti, never voiced any concern on how Tate would play the cello, but rather had the same approach as I; “how can we make this work for Tate”!  Form5 is honored to have provided this for Tate and to show him that despite having a limb difference anything is possible! Tate has obviously figured out how to play guitar and piano with one hand and I’m sure Cello will be no challenge at all. Looking forward to seeing and hearing him play!


I finished printing and assembling Tate’s final device today and look forward to giving it to him soon .

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Big things ahead,

Aaron Westbrook, CEO & Founder of Form5 Prosthetics


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