The Finishings of Forming 5

Upon giving Maddie her arm, I couldn’t have been in more of a state of complete content and euphoria. The project I produced and executed has provided not only myself with many new opportunities, but an amazing little girl received an awesome gift.

Once putting all recycling research on hold for the third phase of Forming 5, I immediately began working on fabricating and completing Maddie’s arm! Along with wrapping up Forming 5 I also made the next steps in repairing my extruder to return to the research I am trying to achieve. After reaching out to Filabot with some questions in March, they randomly and zealously donated to Form5 a brand new Filabot spooler to give us all the equipment we need to return conducting research with making our own filament. In addition, my advisor Keith and I planned on sending the extruder back for repair.

In early May, weeks after presenting and gifting Maddie her arm, our project Forming 5  was chosen as a finalist for the Jeffery C. Stuart’s Exhibition of Finalists! Our project, among five other strong finalists ranging from inventions, internships, and clothing lines for special needs children. I had the honor of presenting Forming 5 in front of my graduating class and the juniors to show them in-depth about my Senior Seminar project and the opportunities I formed for Maddie!

On display, out in the lobby of the theatre was my Filabot Extruder and onstage I had cups, plastic mulch, and filament samples to show the Forming 5 process. In addition, I produced a detailed slide-deck with pictures and explanations of how I formed 5 fingers for Maddie. I closed with a video that contains detailed footage and photos that cover the many aspects of our project, Forming 5!

Judges consisted of administration of my school, community members, and former teachers deliberated after watching all the finalists, they returned and awarded Forming 5 project of the year!

In recent weeks, we have been in communication with Filabot and our spooler should arrive in the next couple of weeks, following it our fixed extruder as well.

Filabot featured Form5 Prosthetics on their blog last week:

Form5 is incredibly grateful for our growing partnership with Filabot and look forward to the things we form together in the future! We are excited to continue sharing our next adventure in this amazing journey! Form5 has some exciting news to share this summer and in the next upcoming weeks. We plan to be quite active on our next steps towards creating eco-friendly prosthetics!

Keep following the movement!

 Big things ahead,

Aaron Westbrook, CEO & Founder of Form5 Prosthetics